We asked our patients to complete a questionnaire to see how we could improve – 37 questionnaires completed and the results are below:

1) Do you find it easy to speak to someone at your practice on the telephone?
33 Very easy 4 Fairly easy 0 Not very easy 0 Not at all easy

2) On average are you seen at your appointment time?
29 Yes 8 Sometimes 0 Never

3) Do you feel your GP or nurse listens to you at your appointment?
36 Always 1 Sometimes 0 On occasions 0Never

4) When you see your GP how well do you feel they dealt with your problem?
34 Very well 3 Fairly well 0 Not at all 0 Unsure

5) How well do you feel the surgery staff help with your problem?
37 Very well 0 Unsure Not very well

6) How well would you describe your overall experience of your GP surgery?
30 Excellent 7 Very good 0 Good 0 Poor 0 Very poor

7) How easy do you find it to use the online service for A) prescriptions; B) appointment; C) summary care records
10 Very easy 1 Fairly easy 0 Not very easy 0 Not all easy 26 Do not use this service

8) Would you like to join our patient participation group
7 Yes 30 No

9) Have you heard about the three out of hours hubs in Stockton, Thornaby and Hartlepool?
22 Yes 15 No

In looking at our patient questionnaire this year the improvements we aim to make are to increase patients awareness of the online systems. We have a strategy for this which we will continue to implement through various ways of promotion.

We will also try in improve on patient wait times by extending appointments and telephone slots in our clinics.
A positive from this questionnaire is nearly all patients surveyed felt they were listened to at their appointment. Patient care is of utmost importance to Melrose Medical Cetnre Ltd and we will continually try to improve on this. Furthermore, we have sent out further requests for patients to join our patient group to find out what more we can do to provide an excellent

We have also included information about the hubs available in our area on the website.

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